June 17th, 2011 by admin

The history of Ayala Polo Club goes back to the origins of Sotogrande during the sixties. This urbanization is located at a strategical spot on the Andalusian coast. It was founded by an American businessman, Joseph McMicking, in 1964. It was he as President of the Ayala Corporation who turned Paniagua property into an estate with its own style.

In 1964 his nephew Enrique Zobel built the first polo field called “The Beach” in Sotogrande. It was situated opposite the Royal Golf Club of Sotogrande. Two years later in 1967, competitive polo started in the urbanisation, with the first tournament involving four teams.

Iñigo Zobel, whose father initiated the project of Ayala Polo Club forty years ago, is continuing his father’s work, helping to make his father’s dream come true. In a very short time, from February 2006 to the present day, Ayala Polo Club’s facilities have improved radically thanks to the President’s commitment to making Ayala Polo Club one of the best clubs in the world.